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Living ‘in the moment’ is an ideal state, where no worries exist, and we simply ‘experience’ life to the fullest. Even the most expert, slip out of the moment for other essential duties, such as planning, and even when we’re doing our best to be fully present, it is never 100% achievable. It’s a life-long endeavour, but an extremely enjoyable one. Our lives are vastly imbalanced towards preparing for the future, or reflecting on the past, but every time we practice simple habits of mindfulness or just let ourselves go, to experience a moment, we feel better, and we operate far more effectively. It is in these moments that we recognise opportunities, rather than being too distracted to see their value or even notice them. It is in these moments that we are best placed to act upon the opportunity, too. We listen and actually hear what others say, so we respond more appropriately and usefully. Similarly, we observe and react, with much higher efficiency. Others understand that they are being paid attention to, so they actually like us more, and we like them more. People choose to be around us for both work and pleasure. Most importantly, we experience these benefits, immediately, whilst we are actually practicing being in the moment.

Join Nick Byrne, who has worked with the Australian Olympic team, to help them perform at their peak, and with United Nations peacekeepers, to ensure they respond appropriately in changing cultural contexts, to learn how very simple habits, common to the behaviour of improvisers, can alter outcomes in your work and social life. Be available, ready, and visible, when that new job opportunity or promotion arises, making the choice that this opportunity is yours for the taking. Become aware when there are people becoming attracted to you, in your social life, (many more than you think, now), choosing behaviours that increase their numbers, and enabling you to more confidently move your friendship to whichever level seems best for both of you. The skills are easy and practical. Everyone can use them. It’s a choice you can take, right now. Knock, knock :)

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26 Mar | 04:15 (45 mins)
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Nick Byrne
Nick Byrne