Steife Brise

A piece by Steife Brise Theater, Hamburg/Germany

Two female roles from theatre literature are freed from their plays and brought into new circumstances.

Detached from their works, Schiller's Maria Stuart can meet Sarah Kanes Grace, for example, or Jelinek's Elfi Elektra can meet Brecht's Mutter Courage in this clash of characters.

Will it be an epic fight or the beginning of a wonderful friendship?

Author's theater and improvisational theater are combined here with a lot of humor, movement and love for the characters and the audience: For this journey of discovery between worlds, no previous knowledge and no literature- or German - Leistungskurs are necessary!

“Zwei. Frauen.” (""Two. Women."") was awarded 2016 at the 14th Impronale in Halle/Saale, with two main awards - Jury and audience.

Ilka Luza is an actress who loves animals. In her spare time she enjoys hugs and breathing.
Ilka is from Germany and now lives in Düsseldorf. Her side hustle is streaming boardgames daily.

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Verena Lohner is an artist, clown & adventurer who is fascinated by parallel worlds.
She is living in Hamburg, where she is manager, actress and trainer at Steife Brise Theater.

In her spare time she enjoys… what? Sparetime? Where? Her side hustles are interdisciplinary projects and outdoor adventures.

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27 Mar | 11:15 (60 mins)
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Ilka Luza
Ilka Luza
Steife Brise
Steife Brise
Verena Lohner
Verena Lohner