Sam Furness

1. You bring a challenge or incomplete idea
2. We use a facilitated collective build process to develop
3. We find solutions, insights or breakthroughs as a group

Utilising real-participant ideas and challenges, we utilise a Design Thinking tool called ‘Collective Build’ to support each other by positively adding to and developing ideas rather than critiquing.

This ideation process leans into the ‘Yes, and…’ philosophy of improvisation whilst encouraging creative developments.

What challenges are you facing that prevent you from reaching the next step?
What ideas have you had that have hit a brick wall?

E-Mail us or send a message on any of our channels.
We will look to select a few ideas to explore in Sam’s session in the Solution Corner.

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28 Mar | 06:15 (45 mins)
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Sam Furness
Sam Furness