Terje Brevik

Our Solution Corners:
1. You pose a challenge
2. We think together
3. We arrive jointly at an outcome

With a participant-posed real-life challenge, the facilitator will walk the group through a think-tank exercise. All will emerge with key takeaways and options for approaching similar situations.

We've all spent too many years trying to prove people wrong when they've told us "You can never do that!". It doesn't matter what we know because nobody enjoys being proved wrong.

So how can we start proving them right?

The session will loosely follow a three step approach:
1: Provide context for the challenge.
2: Quick breakout sessions where we use games to churn out suggestions in pairs/small groups.
3: Small and large group discussions based on the suggestion from the second step.

What are challenges you're having with proving your point?
Email us or send a message on any of our channels.
We'll select one for Terje's session!

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28 Mar | 18:15 (45 mins)
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Terje Brevik
Terje Brevik