Theater Im Bahnhof

Jacob Banigan, Beatrix Brunschko and Lorenz Kabas take a look into your private home and it becomes a scene of dreams and fears. The uncanny takes hold and the familiar becomes unrecognizable.

This newly developed format brings you live improvisation directly to the living room. If you dare, you can turn your apartment into a backdrop for one of the three mysterious stories, because every room has a dark side.

Lock your doors, light the candles and make yourself comfortable with mulled wine and biscuits. It will be exciting, bloodthirsty and entertaining.
Caution, addictive!

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27 Mar | 08:15 (45 mins)
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No Limit!

Beatrix Brunschko
Beatrix Brunschko
Theater Im Bahnhof
Theater Im Bahnhof

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