Sabine Coulon

Our Solution Corners:
1. You pose a challenge
2. We think together
3. We arrive jointly at an outcome

With a participant-posed real-life challenge, the facilitator will walk the group through a think-tank exercise. All will emerge with key takeaways and options for approaching similar situations.

You have a problem/challenge you feel blocked with? How you frame your challenge impacts what kind of solutions you'll get.
In this session we tap into Sabine's activities toolbox to help you reframe. Together we step back and look at the situation from different angles, lights, and lenses, towards a different attitude and unexplored solutions.

This session is useful for teams/individuals who have problems, more than challenges. If they have a challenge, it should not yet be framed as an HMW (How Might We) question.

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27 Mar | 07:15 (45 mins)
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Sabine Coulon
Sabine Coulon