Kelly Agathos

No matter what our status, gender, personality, social or cultural circle is, we go through life consciously or subconsciously giving, being given, or actively taking up space. In this brief workshop inspired from the world of improvisation, we will discover our own tendencies when it comes to this give and take of space. After becoming more self aware, we will explore what it feels like to go against our natural tendencies, too.

Though rooted in stage work, this exploration is useful for anyone who wants to either get better at speaking up, amplify the voices of others or simply just choose to sit back and actively listen.

As this workshop is interactive, participants must have a working camera and microphone and expect to have them for most of the workshop. They must also log in via their computer and not phone, so that we can all see each other.

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28 Mar | 09:15 (45 mins)
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Kelly Agathos
Kelly Agathos