Kevin Tomlinson

This workshop will explore how we communicate with other people and how everything we say can strengthen or weaken our relationship with other people. We shall explore status between people, via what they say and how they say it. Examining how the words we use really shape the way we build relationships. We shall also investigate listening as a skill and how to be an active listener, which in turn builds trust and rapport between people.

Drawing heavily on the work of Keith Johnstone, and Eric Berne and his theories of transactional analysis. There will be gentle, two-person exercises to try out in breakout rooms. Participation is not necessary, if you would rather watch, but involvement is encouraged to maximise the learning experience. We shall aim to create a supportive, positive, safe environment for participants to try out ideas and techniques or simply watch others try them out.

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28 Mar | 12:15 (45 mins)
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Kevin Tomlinson
Kevin Tomlinson