Inspired by their use of improv in their daily lives, Lauren Berning and Shannon Stott dreamed up a virtual Summit which brings people from different countries, professions and perspectives to share how Improvisational skills are used in their lives and work. Lauren and Shannon invite you (yep, you personally) to attend.

Creative Approach connects you to experts who have been plucked from academic, corporate, artistic, and health fields from across this fine globe, to meld their minds and lend you their perspectives and teachings. Explore ways to inspire creatively throughout your business and personal scenarios in our workshops and discussion panels. Problem solve creatively with minds from around the globe in solutionising events.

Creative Approach is for you, performer or non-performer you can Explore How You Inspire.


In an epic mashup, 2 improv-obsessed entrepreneurs merge their backgrounds and share their passion for applying Improv to life and continuous learning.


Lauren Berning, founder of TBC Improv in the UK and Hong Kong, began Improving the World as a platform to amplify the voices of women in improv. She produces a YouTube channel (link) of interviews with experts from around the globe.

In the fluorescent-ruled 1990's Lauren and improv first met each other in Santa Cruz, California. They both fell head-over heels and the love has never faded. Through the years she and improv have traveled the globe, learned, laughed and loved. Lauren uses improv as a foundation in corporate settings, and to navigate the world at large. She brings this overwhelming infatuation with her artform to Creative Approach, and lends you her lens for a mere 72-hrs. Improving the World ushers into this event an adoration for diverse perspectives and a devotion to giving space for those with unique skills and cool applications of knowledge. May you have all of the fun.


Shannon Stott is the creator and Director of Improv | On and Off the Stage, a virtual resource for performers and non-performers looking to use tools from Improv in their lives and work.

Improv has taught Shannon to be a more engaged listener, to be flexible in the face of change and to delight in different perspectives among so many other lessons. She discovered that these lessons, though taught to her for stage performance, found their way into her daily life at home and in business as an entrepreneur. Dynamic communication, flexibility and valuing others’ perspectives has brought amazing people into Shannon’s life, many of whom are working on this very Summit, if Improv can inspire people to create a global gathering, what else can it inspire people to do? We are exploring the answer together, here through Creative Approach.